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To prepare a tincture of garlic, a kilogram of peeled and chopped garlic is poured with three liters of boiled water and left to infuse for 30 days. Take the remedy daily in a teaspoon, until the entire jar is used up. Ginseng tincture is taken twice or three times a day, about half an hour before meals, 25-30 drops (no later than 4 hours before bedtime). The pharmaceutical industry's weight loss products come in various forms (diet pills, powders, capsules).

Furosemide or lasix

All weight loss products are grouped into the following groups: Anorectics are drugs that act on the central nervous system. The effect of weight loss occurs due to suppression of appetite, since anorectics act on the saturation center located in the brain. In Russia, such products are made on the basis of Sibutramine hydrochloride, based on foreign analogues, there is an analogue of Amphetamine, the Phentermine compound (an example of such anorectics is Adipex diet pills).

Intensive furosemida 40 mg

Parapharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals - biologically active additives, differing from each other in the proportions of ingredients. Weight loss, thanks to the drugs of this group, occurs due to the beneficial effect on the body of a balanced complex of vitamins and microelements. The quality of these dietary supplements depends on the reputation of the pharmaceutical company that manufactures them, since surrogates may be caught among the worthwhile drugs. Not all manufacturers treat their consumers with respect, as they often deceive them. For example, it is impossible to produce natural vitamin C under artificial conditions; therefore, these preparations contain its synthetic analogue.


Diuretics and laxatives - they work by removing excess fluid from the body during bowel movements and urination. The negative effect of the use of these funds is dehydration, loss of electrolytes and beneficial intestinal microflora. And here manufacturers are misleading consumers, claiming that the composition contains natural extracts of exotic herbs. Most often, a laxative and diuretic effect is achieved due to the herb of Alexandria Senna and ordinary pharmaceutical preparations.

Cellulose-based products - have an excellent effect in terms of weight loss, since their main active ingredient (cellulose) cleanses the intestines from toxins and ballast substances. Contraindications - acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which is often a complication of obesity.

Fat burners are a large group of drugs, the mechanism of action of which is often explained by philosophical categories such as "quintessence" or pseudo-medical terms like "active genes." For the most part, manufacturers explain the mechanism of the effectiveness of their drugs by the breakdown of fat by accelerating metabolism.

Diet pills Reduksin light is a biologically active food supplement

They are based on conjugated linoleic acid. This compound, entering the human body, accelerates metabolism and fat burning, as it activates the enzymes responsible for its processing. The reception of this remedy must be combined with physical activity so that adipose tissue is more efficiently replaced by muscle. A sedentary lifestyle will make the use of Reduksin Light useless.

In addition to linoleic acid in sostav means for weight loss include the following components: Before using the product, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Most buyers are attracted to these diet pills because during their intake they do not have to limit themselves in food, while maintaining their usual diet, they do not suppress appetite.

The presence of excess weight, so with the variant of the norm, the drug will not give the expected effect.

Side effects are not always indicated in the instructions for use of this dietary supplement.

These diet pills, according to consumer reviews, can cause the following sensations: lactation, pregnancy, since no clinical trials have been conducted in this category of consumers; children and adolescents (up to 18 years old), for children, safflower oil is used as a source of linoleic acid, produced from the seeds of dyeing safflower.

Diet pills Glucophage act on the processes of reducing body weight by lowering insulin levels, normalizing metabolism, reducing the intake of glucose absorbed by the stomach and preventing the entry of fat cells into organs and tissues.

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These diet pills are most often recommended for the treatment of obesity in diabetes mellitus, for the direct treatment of diabetes mellitus in children and adults. Manufacturers claim that in healthy people taking the drug for weight loss, Glucophage does not have any effect on the pancreas. Buyers are attracted by the opportunity to reduce body fat, reduce the amount of carbohydrates absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and lower blood cholesterol.

Renal and hepatic failure, impaired renal and liver function. Diet pills Xenical belong to a group of drugs for the treatment of obesity. Their action is based on the inactivation of the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of food fats. Undigested triglycerides are unable to be absorbed into the intestines. The number of calories entered into the body decreases, body weight decreases. Diet pills act in the gastrointestinal tract without penetrating into the general bloodstream.

Buyers of this product appreciate the ability to control body weight and maintain the achieved result. Xenical prevents the relapse of weight gain without reducing the concentration of vitamins and trace elements, even with prolonged use (within 2 years).

Side effects are very rare, almost all of them are associated with impaired fat absorption. They appear during the first 3 months of treatment, mainly in the gastrointestinal tract.